Dihan Treehouse / Ploeml (5.7. - 8.7.)

We've started our holidays in Brittany with the most unusual place to stay: a 10m high treehouse.

  • This was the first time I got a climbing harness on check-in...
  • Climbing the rope ladder took some time, so we took great care not to forget anything when going up/down
  • Hoisting up the breakfast basket using the pulley was fun (but did not count as a morning workout)
  • Sleeping 10m up in a tree is indeed a special experience, esp. as the tree (and thus the house) moves slightly in the wind
  • They also had good rental bikes, which we used to cycle to Carnac (lots of menhirs) and the sea
  • There's a very nice bakery in Ploeml
  • And we also relaxed at the pool with Breizh Cola, syrups and a live band in the evening