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19.11.2012: Austrian Perl Workshop 2012
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11.10.2012: new laptop
02.10.2012: Vienna.pm TechMeet: DBIx::SchemaChecksum

Today we had our monthly Vienna.pm Techmeet at Metalab. I presented DBIx::SchemaChecksum, but unfortunately CDD didn't work out: I did not finish the port to MooseX::App

We still had some nice discussions on the topic (updating and syncing database schemata). MaKo spotted some errors in my not-yet-completely-ported code, and Happybarney pointed out that DBIx::SchemaChecksum does not work for projects that need to target different databases (because each database would provide different metadata and thus different checksums..).

I will probably give a proper version of this talk (including stuff like slides and an in fact new working version of DBIx::SchemaChecksum) at the upcoming Austrian Perl Workshop. So if you're interested in this module, either come to the workshop, or read my slides after the event!

After my presentation, I met parasew, who was attending the Bitcoin meeting. We talked (among other things) about Bitcoins, old projects we did together 10ish years ago, Plack, Modern Perl & the "joys" of strong typing. It's always nice to meet old friends, and hackspaces are the perfect place for such random encounters...

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